Welcome to Minori

Welcome to MINORI Serviced Apartment!!!

MINORI comes from Japanese, meaning “Mature fruit, Prosperous” – with a desire to help customers to have gentle moments, like enjoy sweet ripe fruit when working in Vietnam, MINORI Serviced Apartment is a safe, comfortable destination for guests after their hard working hours. Let’s experience a relaxing moment when staying at MINORI Serviced Apartment.

” アパート選びの大切な要素の一つは、オーナーさんの良し悪しです。





青山 学

“An important feature in selecting an Apartment is a warmly-hearted host.  To make guests feel comfortable in their stay, it is essential to pay attention to both “outside” and “inside” of the apartment. Regarding this point of view, Host of MINORI are good Japanese interpreter and has a long experience in working with the Japanese in domestic and oversea. So the Apartment has many subtle features so I feel very comfortable”.

Mr Aoyama Manabu
Starts international Vietnam Co., ltd

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